At Mera Monitor, we strongly believe that time is your most valuable asset, and optimising the utilisation of such an asset will ultimately contribute to the success of every team. We are passionate about empowering businesses like yours with our state-of-the-art employee monitoring software. Our platform is capable of enhancing employees’ productivity and achieving outstanding results. The Mera Monitor is a great option for your team; here are just some of the reasons why.

Increase employee productivity
Increased Productivity

Managers can identify unproductive activities, give feedback on them and help employees form a culture of improved productivity in the entire organization. 

Transparent employee Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation

It provides objective data for performance evaluations, ensuring fairness and helping employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Maximize Business Efficiency
Business Efficiency

Obtain accurate project insights to enhance profitability and optimize resource allocation. Stay informed about project performance, minimizing potential losses and driving success.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

Mera Monitor is your all-encompassing employee time monitoring software, offering a complete 360° view of your team’s activities. Designed for remote or hybrid management, our platform enables you to gain insights into every aspect of your team’s workday. Through our analytical dashboard, delve into your employees’ application usage, duration, and accomplishments, enhancing your understanding of their daily operations. Our software empowers remote teams to lead without micromanaging, fostering productivity and seamless team management.


View a Summary of a real-time insights and comprehensive analytics for streamlined management and optimization of workforce performance

Apps/Websites Usages Tracking

Gain valuable overview of time spent on apps/websites, empowering managers to identify potential productivity gap and foster a balanced and focused work environment.

Screen Monitoring

Screenshot monitoring captures visual evidence of employees’ activity during the day, to ensure the team is working on productive sites and apps thus increasing transparency and trust.


Generate comprehensive reports providing valuable insights into employee productivity, time utilization, and task performance.

Live Stream / Live Recording

Gain real-time visibility into your team’s productivity and workloads. It ensures total transparency in your team’s workflow, strengthening a culture of accountability and efficiency.

Time Claim

Some users may be engaged in business meetings or other offline activities while still contributing to the organization. Don't worry, our time claim feature allows them to convert those invested hours into active time.

Private Mode

It allows you to disable tracking while working on confidential tasks or engaging in personal activities such as reading, learning, or attending to other personal matters.

Monitor Employee Performance

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Monitor Employee Performance



Track employees' attendance automatically

Productive VS Unproductive Time

Analyse productivity vs unproductive time through detailed reports.

Activity Summary

Look into employees' activity logs including total time, productive time and ideal time.


Look into employee productivity reports on selected timelines.

Productivity Labeling

Level which apps/websites productive.

Activity Level

Track activity based on keyboard and mouse actions.

System Activity

Look into employee activities, including app/website URLs, document titles, and time spent.


Look into employee productivity reports on selected timelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Monitoring is essential in every business. Being a responsible entrepreneur, it is important to oversee your employee’s being in the company. However, the need for employee monitoring software to manage employees is based on multiple considerations. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you are in need of Employee Monitoring Software.

  • Does your team use computers regularly?
  • Are you managing remote employees?
  • Would you like to improve the team’s efficiency?
  • Do you want to manage your and your team’s time effectively? 
  • Are you facing issues with employee performance because of their time-wasting activities?
  • Is your project budget hampered due to poor employee management?
  • Have you ever billed incorrectly due to a lack of visual evidence?
  • Have wasted a lot of money on multiple software and now not using them?

Using Mera monitor employee monitoring allows you to track multiple activities of employees during their work hours. Some of them are:

  • Screenshots
  • Emails
  • Use of websites and web apps
  • Duration of each page visited
  • Daily Attendance with login and logout time
  • Productivity reports
  • Live streaming of employee screen 

It basically gives you insight into all the activities performed by employees during their work hours, with time duration and productivity rates.

Checking all the time on employees is an impossible task for managers or company owners. As the team grows, optimizing resources becomes important for the owner or founder to manage a profitable business. And with unchecked or unmonitored screen time, it is difficult to find the difference between a busy team and a productive team. 

Hence, Employee Monitoring tools have emerged as an indispensable solution to thoroughly examine employees' performance, idle time during office hours, productivity charts, and much more. It is the way to create a successful business.

Mesmerized by the magic of employee monitoring tools. Want to proceed further? 

Wait! Before downloading or buying a monitoring software, just ask yourself a few questions

  • What features do you need in your employee monitoring software?
  • Are there any specific customizations required?
  • How much will it cost to install an employee monitoring tool in your company?
  •  Is it easy to use?
  • What will the reaction of your employees be?

Know more about employee monitoring by proceeding further with our questions, and you will be clear about your decision regarding it.

Employee Monitoring Software is a tool to manage employees effectively. It meticulously tracks every minute of employees working in an organization. Starting from daily attendance to websites visited to productive time, it captures a comprehensive array of data. It constantly gathers data that provide actionable insights that can be used to enhance team productivity regularly. 

A Good Employee Monitoring Software is like that snitcher employee who knows everything happening on each office table.

There are always two sides of a coin. With multiple benefits of using employee monitoring software, there are a few drawbacks too. 

  • Accurate Data
    15% of employees assert their status as the busiest ones in the office but are often engaged in other activities. With every minute recorded, employee monitoring gives accurate information about employees’ work patterns allowing you to understand what activities have kept them engaged and make informed decisions to increase their productivity. 
  • Performance improvement
    Many employees struggle to maintain continuous focus during work hours, resulting in significant time wastage. Studies reveal that these wasted hours cost employers over $40 billion annually, a staggering figure indeed. By maintaining a transparent record of employee productivity, employers can effectively monitor activities and ensure that employees are compensated only for the work they genuinely accomplish.
  • Effortless reporting
    Reporting becomes easier with all data recorded on the employee monitoring tool. Both employees and employers can keep track of one’s productivity and access the details whenever required.
  • Enhanced productivity
    Often employees prioritize the tasks that are less important to the business, leaving the crucial ones behind. With real-time monitoring, the mistake can be caught instantly and the employees can be shifted to more important tasks. Hence increasing their productivity and boosting the company's productivity to 80%. 
  • Resource optimization
    Sometimes, employees take their jobs for granted and focus on unnecessary activities more than productivity which may cost millions to the company. With accurate data in hand, you can understand the requirements of resources in the company, know the free resources, and manage them to reduce the costs of the company.
  • Less Admin
    40% of a manager's time is spent on admin duties every day. Starting from checking employee clock-ins and clock-outs to managing their everyday task lists. With the coming of employee monitoring tools, most of these repetitive tasks are performed automatically and managers can invest their time in more productive activities. 
  • Clear Goal
    Sometimes it becomes difficult for a manager or employer to get the whole team on a same page. With employee monitoring tool, things are more clear and everyone is working for the same goal.
  • Employee hesitation
    With the installation of employee monitoring software, your employees may feel insecure and hesitate to work with interruption in their work privacy. But you have to make them understand the importance of the tool and how it can help in their personal growth.
  • The journey 
    The journey of being habitual with employee monitoring software is quite challenging. You have to learn to maintain the balance between employee monitoring and privacy invasion. Learn to motivate employees to perform better.

At a glance, tracking employee activities may look like invading their privacy and doubting their loyalty to the company. But as a business owner, you need to keep track of employee productivity and performance thoroughly. However, the success of a business depends on employee productivity rates. The higher the productivity, the more the profits.

Tracking does not only help the employer track employee performance but is useful to employees too. Even they can keep a record of their being for the company and improve their performance every time. Tracking employee productivity also helps employers understand if any bottlenecks are hampering the productivity rates of employees and help them through the process.

With a visual record of employee productivity, you as a business owner become confident to make the necessary decisions to keep your business at the top.

90%  of workspaces today are equipped with computers and maintain most of the business digitally. Hence, the need for employee monitoring software is rising every day. Meramonitor is one such employee monitoring tool that helps businesses optimize their time and resources effectively. 

MeraMonitor generates accurate reports for all the activities performed by employees during their work hours. It records employee’s every day in-time, out-time, idle time, productive time, websites and web apps visited, time spent on particular pages, and much more. This wealth of data is then leveraged to generate comprehensive reports and productivity graphs for the company’s review.

Moreover, Meramonitor offers advanced functionalities including live streaming, live video recording, and switching on to private mode where you can disable tracking while working on confidential tasks or engaging in personal activities. Its compatibility across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms underscores its versatility, making it an ideal choice for any company seeking robust employee monitoring capabilities.

In today’s digital world, mostly all types of businesses or teams rely on employee monitoring software. 
  • Office Workers
  • Enterprise
  • AEC (Architects, Engineers, and Construction)
  • Lawyers
  • Accounting Agencies
  • Remote Teams
  • Startups
  • Software Department
  • Fast Growing Businesses
To select the best employee monitoring software, you have to set particular goals that match perfectly with your company's requirements.
  1. Firstly, understand why you require employee monitoring software. What type of monitoring do you want to perform on your employees? Does the selected monitoring software provide all the required features or not? 
  2. Then, make it clear if you need the monitoring software for office time or a remote team.  If it is for a remote team then, does your selected monitoring tool is strong enough to monitor employees sitting miles away from you accurately. 
  3. Select the tool that caters to all your employee monitoring requirements and is affordable at the time, exactly like Meramonitor. Make sure that the employee monitoring tool is customizable and can be molded according to your requirements
  4. Understand the pricing model of your selected employee monitoring tool. Is it affordable to you? Are there any hidden charges other than package charges? Find out the real cost of installing employee monitoring software which includes setup time, hardware installation, ongoing support, training, etc.
  5. Look over Data security measures taken by the employee monitoring tool as data is an important asset to your company. Implementing any random tool may hamper the confidentiality of your data.
  6. Check if the monitoring software you select is scalable like Meramonitor and will grow as your company grows or will charge extra to expand every time.
Being sure of every point stated above you will be able to select the right employee monitoring software for your company.

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