Live Screen Monitoring

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Gain real-time visibility into your team’s productivity and workloads with Mera Monitor. Our live screen monitoring software ensures total transparency in your team’s workflow, strengthening a culture of accountability and efficiency.

What is Live Screen Monitoring?

Studies suggest that employees spend anywhere between 15%-20% of the working day on unproductive activities, including browsing social media and watching videos.

Mera Monitor’s live screen monitoring feature is a practical solution to encourage employees to become more conscious of their time management, leading to improved collaboration and a shared commitment to achieving common goals. This unique feature allows employers and managers to view the activities performed by the employees on their computers in real-time.

It offers a live view of everything that is happening on employee computers, including the websites they’re visiting, the applications they’re using, and the projects/tasks they’re working on.

Why Do You Need Live Screen Monitoring?

Every organization needs live screen monitoring to-

Ensure the office hours are used for their intended purpose – work.
Track employees with a consistent history of engaging in time theft.
Prevent employee fraud and insider threats, protecting company image and sensitive data.
Ensure compliance with organizational policies.
Demonstrate transparent and efficient work processes, enhancing client and stakeholder confidence.

How Does Mera Monitor Real-Time Screen Monitoring Work?

The real-time computer monitoring software works by capturing and transmitting real-time feed of the employees’ screen activities

Here’s a quick overview of how the software works-

Enable /Disable screen capture - Admin has rights to enable or disable the function for a specific User/Teams /Department or Organization level.
Data Capture - Once enabled for the specific user/users, the software continuously captures the activities displayed on employee screens in real-time.
Transmission - The live feed is transmitted to the admin/manager’s computer which they can access through the software’s dashboard. The manager can view all the activities performed on the computer by the employee in real-time.

What You Can Track with Real-Time Screen Monitoring Feature?

Live feed of employee screens, irrespective of whether they’re in the same or different office, city, or country.
Live content feed of the selected user, including the apps and websites they’re using and the tasks they’re working on.

What is the Effect of Real-Time Employee Screen Monitoring Software?

Improved Productivity

By monitoring computer screens remotely, organizations can encourage employees to stay focused on their tasks. When the employees know that their activities are being tracked, it heightens accountability and leads to a significant boost in productivity.

Transparent Work Environment

Mera Monitor live screen monitor ensures transparent work processes to build a culture of accountability and openness. It creates an environment where employees understand the importance of their contribution to the team.

Resource Optimization

The real-time monitoring data can also be used to optimize resource allocation, ensuring company resources are efficiently used for successful and timely project completion. Underutilized resources can be identified and reallocated to areas where they are needed the most.

Remote Work Facilitation

The growing popularity of remote working has also made solutions like Mera Monitor a must for every organization. It helps in keeping the team connected and ensuring work is progressing as per the pre-defined timeline.


This versatile tool is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises, seeking to optimize productivity, enhance security, and promote a healthy work environment.

The benefits include enhanced productivity, improved accountability, time management, compliance and security, resource optimization, proactive issue resolution, and remote work support.

The software captures and transmits the live feed of the employee’s computer to the central server, allowing managers to view employee computer activities in real-time.
Yes, Mera Monitor can be used for monitoring employees irrespective of whether they’re working from the office or their homes. Employees from other cities and countries can also be remotely monitored with the software.
Employers should ensure compliance with privacy laws and inform employees about monitoring activities to maintain legal and ethical standards.