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application usages tracking

Get real-time data on employee computer activities, understand their usage patterns, and make informed decisions for enhanced productivity. 

The app/website usage tracking feature of MeraMonitor allows you to keep track of applications and websites being used by your employees. Detailed reports revealing the time spent on each website and app help you find out the proportion of time spent on productive and unproductive activities. The Percentage (%) figures make it crystal clear, allowing you to see at a glance how much time employees allocate to each activity.

Some of Its Key Features are:

Automatic Apps/Website Usage Tracking

With MeraMonitor you can track the apps/websites being used by your employees during work hours. The comprehensive report not only reveals the names & urls of the apps or websites but also details the time spent on each, presented as a percentage of their overall work time.


MeraMonitor gives you the freedom to analyze an employee’s productivity during a specified time by selectively choosing from hourly time intervals. This is particularly helpful for the users/teams working on client projects on hourly basis.You can see the report in list or graphical form to make the analysis simpler for you.

System Activity

In the system activity section you find the detailed report of apps and websites including the start and end time of the user’s activity with custom dates.

Productive VS Unproductive Web and App Usage

MeraMonitor gives you a productivity report i.e. time spent on productive apps and websites as compared to time spent on unproductive apps and websites. The report is based on the real data taken from the app and website usage tracking. It helps you to get a deeper insight into the productivity of an individual, teams, and departments.

How Does Mera Monitor Apps/Website Usage Tracking Work?

Mera Monitor’s applications/website tracking feature works efficiently for both remote and on-premise teams. It offers robust insights into apps and website usage during work hours.

Mark Websites and Apps as Unproductive on various levels

It allows managers and admins to add a website or app as productive or unproductive for user,Teams and Organisation level. For example, social media apps can be marked as productive for a digital marketing team but unproductive for the design and development teams

Individual/Team/Department Level Productivity Report

You may optimize your workflow by accessing personalized productivity reports for individuals, teams, and departments, complete with a customizable date range.

Activity Summary

If the manager or admin is busy and cannot review a detailed report, they can quickly grasp the productive and idle time ratio by glancing at the activity summary. Additionally, they have the option to download the summarized report for a more in-depth understanding of the data.

Why Choose MeraMonitor?

High Data Security

We prioritize data privacy and prioritize the security of client’s data. Rest assured, we take stringent measures to prevent any leakage or compromise of your sensitive information.

App/Website Usage Tracking

Meramonitor tracking gives you precise time duration, detailing minutes spent on specific applications or websites by employees during their sessions. You can even customize the list of productive and unproductive sites for individual employees.

Punch Timings

Mera monitor provides the in and out punch timings of employees through the examination of their screen activities during the whole day.

Showcase Teams Productivity

With a curated list of productive and unproductive sites visited by employees during work hours, Meramonitor gives detailed insights into a team, employee, or the whole department’s productivity throughout the day.

Customization at Every Level

Mera Monitor provides the flexibility to tailor productivity statuses for individual users, teams, and departments, allowing customization based on specific dates to generate precise and team-specific reports as per your requirements.

Accurate Billing

The Timelines feature facilitates the hourly bifurcation of the work done on websites and applications within an hour, thus ensuring accurate timesheets and billing. This helps create transparency and trust with clients

Helpful for Cross Border Teams

The timelines & reporting system operates seamlessly across different time zones, delivering precise data on team activities worldwide. This functionality proves invaluable for cross-border teams, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in monitoring and analysis.


Productivity reports provide detailed statistics, including the duration of website usage and clear percentage figures for each activity.
Yes, this is a unique feature of Mera Monitor. Mera Monitor allows you to customize productivity statuses for individual users, teams, and departments with custom dates according to your needs, enabling accurate and team-specific reports
No, Mera Monitor is designed to prioritize data privacy. Its main function is to concentrate on work-related applications and websites during official working hours. Users have the option to pause monitoring for specific periods or activate private mode, ensuring that personal usage sites remain untracked.
Yes, Mera Monitor is scalable and designed to meet the usage tracking needs of businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations.