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The screen monitoring feature of MeraMonitor Software helps to track the computer activities of the employees by taking real-time screenshots, monitor apps and websites usage and more.

Some of Its Key Features are:

Automatic Desktop Screen Capture

Meramonitor automatically takes screenshots of the employee's computer screen at scheduled time intervals, providing employers valuable insights into their work patterns.

Live Stream

The live stream feature allows the employer to gain real-time insights into employee's activities on their computers during work hours.

Live Screen Recording

The screen recording feature allows the employer to record the computer screen of your employees in real time.

Activity Level

Screen capture at regular intervals offers insights into remote employees’ productivity, you can check the team's activity levels in screencast sections and also record mouse and keystroke activity allowing vigilant monitoring of websites or apps accessed during working hours.

How Does Mera Monitor Screenshot Monitoring Work?

Mera Monitor’s screen monitoring feature works efficiently for both remote and on-premise teams. It offers robust insights into employee’s activities during work hours.

Set Time Intervals for Screenshots

Here you can align the monitoring frequency of different employees depending on their tasks and productivity. You can customize the screenshot time intervals for your organization level in a range of 1 to 100 minutes depending on your needs.

Activity Level

The activity level indicators depict the employee’s productivity throughout the day. The red button denotes low activity on the screen, the blue button denotes moderate activity and the green button denotes hyperactivity.

Configurable - Slideshow Screenshots

Transform employee desktop screenshots into a dynamic presentation, simply press the play button to start the slideshow. It will provide comprehensive insights into the employee’s daily activities for enhanced understanding.


Choose from various time intervals to selectively review employee computer screenshots, enhancing targeted analysis of an employee’s activities during the chosen duration. Enhance efficiency and accuracy with focused timelines, eliminating the need to sift through the entire day’s clutter.

Significance of Screenshot Monitoring

Team Analysis on Efficiency

Screenshot monitoring offers insights into the working patterns of employees during the day, empowering organizations to improvise on team productivity through informed analysis.

Accumulating Proofs

Screenshot monitoring captures visual evidence of employees’ activity during the day, to ensure the team is working on productive sites and apps thus increasing transparency and trust.

Real-time monitoring

Get the feel of real time monitoring with visuals of continuous screenshots from the employee's screen in estimated time intervals. Mera monitor helps you create a virtual office space where you can effortlessly track team productivity.

Opportunity to improve

From the valuable insights gained through screenshots, you get to know about hurdles faced during work and can take action immediately to improve productivity.

Data Security Enhancement

The enlightenment of employee activities within a few minutes of interval allows you to discover if there are any unauthorized attempts to manipulate sensitive information outside the office environment, ensuring security vigilance.

Why MeraMonitor is the best fit for Screenshot Monitoring?

High Data Security

We prioritize data privacy and prioritize the security of client’s data. Rest assured, we take stringent measures to prevent any leakage or compromise of your sensitive information.

Manage Remote Team

Enhance remote team management by periodically capturing desktop screens with screenshot monitoring. It efficiently gauges employee productivity to optimize company resource utilization.

Multiple Screen Monitoring Options

Meramonitor serves you with multiple screen monitoring options including live screencast, video recording of employee’s screen, screenshots at timely intervals, and much more.

App/Website Usage Tracking

Meramonitor tracking gives you precise time duration, detailing minutes spent on specific applications or websites by employees during their sessions. You can even customize the list of productive and unproductive sites for individual employees.

Start & End Timings

Mera monitor provides the in and out punch timings of employees through the examination of their screen activities during the whole day.

Showcase Teams Productivity

With a curated list of productive and unproductive sites visited by employees during work hours, Meramonitor gives detailed insights into a team, employee, or the whole department’s productivity throughout the day.


As the name suggests, employee screen monitoring software is a tool that allows you to track your employee’s screen activities during office hours. With this tool installed in your employee’s company device, you can anytime sneak into their activities, record their screen, or capture screenshots.

You can even set time intervals to get their screen captured, to give you detailed insights into their actions during work hours.

With remote work culture coming into trend and increasing team size, it becomes impossible for employers to track every move of their employees. Accommodating different time zones, different shifts, and different places, the usage of screen recording apps has become necessary for companies. Implementing Screen monitoring software can help employers keep a check on employees' activities at any time of the day at their convenience.  

The screen recording app is beneficial for employees too. With the app installed on their work device, they can keep track of their own progress in the company, catch out on missed out pieces of training, meetings, and much more.

Overall, the screen recording app keeps the office environment sane all the time. The team can collaboratively work on a project and give effective results. It is a great tool to keep the team in synchronization.

The components of employee screen monitoring software may vary in different monitoring tools. The key features of Meramonitor employee screen monitoring software include:
  • Automatic Desktop Screen Capture
    Meramonitor helps you capture screenshots of an employee’s screen at scheduled time intervals to offer valuable insights into their activity during work hours. 
  • Live Streaming
    With Live streaming, employers can anytime check on employees’ screens to track their current activity on their devices during work hours.
  • Live Screen Recording
    The live screen recording feature allows the employer to record an employee’s screen to catch real-time updates.
  • Intuitive Dashboard
    Meramonitor boasts an intuitive dashboard that shares all the valuable insights to employers in the form of listicles and graphs to get a clear understanding of activities taking place in the company. 
There are no second thoughts on accepting that, the pandemic introduced employee desktop monitoring tools to 80% of the successful businesses. But they have stuck to it post-pandemic because of the alluring features it offers. Employee monitoring tools have been proven advantageous to businesses in every aspect. Some of its captivating benefits include:
  1. Effective management of a team
    Employee desktop monitoring tools have made it easier for managers to look after in-house as well as remote teams without interrupting their schedules. They can periodically check on their work patterns, add tasks to their to-do lists, and give feedback on their productivity without manually reaching out to them.
  2. A sheer invasion of employee’s activities
    Employers can have visual data of employee’s activities throughout the day with employee monitoring tools. They can track their each and every minute to help them manage their day wisely. 
  3. Enhanced productivity
    With a sense of being tracked, the productivity levels of employees increase by 80%. Also, with monitoring tools they can keep a check on their productivity and give their best to rise in the company.
  4. 100% Data Security
    Screen recording apps contribute to data security in multiple ways such as identifying and addressing bad practices, ensuring data protection compliance, and safeguarding against insider threats. 
With all the notable advantages that employee screen monitoring provides, there are also some unnoticed disadvantages that come with it. Know the pros and cons of employee screen monitoring to understand the tools deeply.

  • Improved Productivity
    It helps you track the working patterns of your employees and take steps to help them improve their productivity.
  • Prevents Burnout
    With a visible flow of work assigned to an employee, you can adjust the new tasks accordingly to prevent burnout in employees and make use of all the resources available.
  • Improved Security
    When each activity of employees is monitored, the chances of confidential data leakage are near to impossible.
  • Calculated Work process
    By providing employees with a visual roster of pending tasks, they are encouraged to proactively meet deadlines, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the work process.
  • Responsible Employees
    Employees become more responsible with the installation of screen monitoring software to increase their productivity graphs

  • Lack of privacy
    Employee’s first concern is an invasion of privacy with the installation of desktop monitoring software. You have to assure employees that screen monitoring will enhance their performance and productivity and not contaminate their privacy.
  • Impact of team culture
    With the anxiety of being watched constantly, the team can develop a lack of trust towards the company. In the race to be at the top, the relations of employees can also be hampered. You have to make your team understand the real purpose of screen monitoring software and create a soft environment to work together.
  • Elevated Stress levels
    Being aware that their activities are constantly tracked, the stress level among employees also increases. 
  • Legal Ramifications
    When implementing employee screen monitoring, it's compulsory to adhere to specific rules and regulations based on your geographical location. Ensure that your software complies with relevant norms and standards.
The prospect of being tracked constantly can significantly impact employee morale. To mitigate that, it is important to introduce the employee monitoring software to the team tactfully. Here are some points that facilitate a positive introduction of screen monitoring software.
  • Explain Purpose
    Be transparent with your team. Explain to them the real purpose of implementing the desktop monitoring software. Make them aware of each and every aspect of the software, let them ask questions, and answer them honestly.
  • Highlight Employee Benefits
    Demonstrate how the screen monitoring software is beneficial to the team or employees individually. Explain how they can check their own graphs and manage their performance to reap the benefits of being most productive.
  • Involve your team
    Involve your team in selecting the right screen recording software for the company. Let them indulge in understanding the benefits of software.
  • Introduce Privacy Policy
    Create a privacy policy for using the employee screen monitoring software where the privacy of employees is maintained and they are comfortable using the software
It is always mandatory to respect employees' privacy while conducting screen monitoring. Prosecute all the legal rules and regulations applicable to your region while bearing desktop tracking. Above all, be ethical during the monitoring process. Here are some tips you can use to monitor employees' screens in the most principled way perfectly.  
  • Do not Target Specific Employees
    Using screen monitoring software to intentionally target a specific employee is ethically questionable and unfair. Any such action should be justified by valid reasons or avoided altogether.
  • Delete Personal Data Instantly
    While using the automatic screenshot feature, sometimes employee’s personal data may get captured on the screen. Make sure you immediately delete those pictures, to maintain the privacy of employees. 
  • Make employees aware
    Make employees aware of the screen monitoring software, its features, and usage in detail. Being aware of tracking, they can avoid indulging into personal stuff during work hours.
  • Use screenshots lastly
    Consider using screenshots as a last resort while monitoring employees. Screenshots have the highest chance of invading employee’s privacy and they may get hampered with it. Keep the automatic screenshot feature close and choose to manual screenshots when comes to interrogation.

Are you still confused about the usage of employee screen monitoring software? Then ask yourself these questions. If your answer to any of these is YES then you are in urgent need of desktop monitoring software.

  • Do I want to manage hybrid teams?
  • Do I want an efficient and productive team?
  • Is the company’s confidential data spread illegally?
  • Do I want to manage my resources efficiently? 
  • Are there any loopholes in company management that should be noticed and improved?

All these questions or queries will be solved after installing the right employee monitoring software for your company. It will allow you to make informed decisions to boost the growth of the company in all measures.

Employee monitoring software can bring a major change to your company. It can help you boost employee’s or the overall company’s productivity and performance while reducing costs at the same time. Here are some of the benefits that employee monitoring brings to your company.

  • Accurate Clock-ins and Clock-outs
  • Efficient business processes
  • Increased Productivity
  • Timely project deliveries
  • Mitigation of inactive resources
  • Cost saving