Attendance Tracking

employee attendance tracking software

Employee Attendance Tracking is the ultimate solution for boosting productivity and streamlining the HR processes. With Mera Monitor, the employee monitoring software for remote, hybrid, and in-office employees, you can monitor your employees’ working hours, productivity, the pattern of absenteeism, and a lot more.

Monitoring employees involves recording their start and end time each day along with the break periods, sites, and apps used during work hours, holidays, absenteeism, project hours and overtime worked. This efficient system of attendance tracking and productivity monitoring aids managers in maintaining optimal workforce efficiency and helps in making the billing system accurate.

Key Features of Attendance Tracking

Logged Hours

This shows the total time an employee was logged in to their system. This includes the cumulative time from the point of logging into logging-off, regardless of the activity of the employee.

Active Time

The actual time when the employee was working actively. This is determined by tracking employee’s activity on the system.

Idle Time

It is the time when the system is on but no activity is being done. The idle time highlights one of the important gaps in productivity during the work hour.

Total Hours Expected

This is the work hour an employee is expected to complete. This depends on the company policy and individual work contracts of the employees.

No. of Holidays

The number of officially allocated holidays to an employee. These are predetermined and do not count as leave.

In time

This is the time when an employee logs in for the day. This is tracked daily and determines the punctuality of the employee.

Out Time

The time when an employee ends their workday. This is important for the calculation of total work duration or the logged hours.

What You Get in Team Attendance Reports

Team Members Report

View a comprehensive list of all team members, including details like logged hours, total expected hours, number of holidays, and number of leaves during the selected date range.

Date Range Selection

You can choose a specific date range or a single date for your report.

Daily Team Attendance Report

Select a team member from the list to see their detailed report, including active hours, in-time, and out-time.

Downloadable Reports

Download the reports in Excel format for easy access and sharing.

Significance of Using Employee Attendance Monitoring Software

MeraMonitor is a great Employee Attendance Monitoring Software that helps in proper workforce management. With its various tracking and monitoring parameters it ensures that the work hours and employee activities during those work hours are monitored accurately. This improves the overall productivity of the organization by improving accountability and providing managers insights into employees’ productivity.

MeraMonitor is helpful in various HR processes like managing leaves, creating payrolls, and generating bills. It takes away lots of administrative workload allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks thus contributing to a more efficient organization.

Improved Accuracy and Reliability

Elimination of manual errors
Accurate time tracking

Enhanced Productivity

Efficient time management
Monitor employee performance

Cost Savings

Reduced administrative costs
Prevention of time theft

Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory compliance
Comprehensive reporting

Employee Accountability and Transparency

Clear attendance records
Fair evaluation

Flexibility and Scalability

Adaptable to different work environments
Scalable solutions

Integration with Other Systems

Seamless integration
Centralized data management

Enhanced Security

Secure data storage
Access control


Employee Attendance Tracking Software works by automating the processes of tracking employee attendance, their work timings, and activities during work hours. It also provides real-time monitoring of employees' activities and generates comprehensive reports that offer important insights into the working patterns of employees.

The key features of employee attendance tracking software include -

  • Tracking of log-in and log-out times
  • Monitoring of employee activities
  • Recording of websites and apps being used during work hours
  • Generating reports in the form of graphs and charts to provide insights on attendance and productivity

Connects with payroll and HR systems for comprehensive workforce management

Yes, the data in MeraMonitor is stored securely with encryption and access controls. Sensitive employee information is fully protected from unauthorized access and breaches. Regular security updates and compliance with industry standards further enhance the protection of data.

MeraMonitor is a modern workforce management software that makes the management of different work shifts and schedules straightforward and stress-free. It automatically starts running when an employee signs in to the system thus accommodating efficient tracking of various work patterns without any hassle. MeraMonitor can track and record every employee hour with precision regardless of whether them being remote, hybrid, or in-office employees.

Yes, MeraMonitor can track the attendance of remote employees effortlessly just like it does for employees working in office setup or hybrid mode. This is to ensure that all employees are accounted for regardless of their work environment. MeraMonitor automatically starts tracking employee attendance, activities, and work hours when remote employees sign in to their system.

Yes, MeraMonitor can scale to accommodate growing teams and organizations. It is designed to handle increasing numbers of employees and more complex attendance tracking needs. The software's flexibility and robust infrastructure ensure that it remains effective as your organization expands.