This or That Questions


Want to know how well you know your colleagues or your friends? “This or That Questions” help you assess your level of familiarity with people around you. You can also use these questions to initiate a conversation at your next get-together or date night. It helps you break the ice and get going.

Playing “this or that” can make your gathering fun and goofy. The rules of the game are pretty simple. You need at least two people to set off. You can play this game over text, during a video call, during a team outing, or while you are hosting a party.

This extensive collection of “this or that questions” is a short, fun game that will leave you in splits or might even shock you with the responses you receive. Try to predict the responses to learn how well you know someone. Whatever the case is, an evening of fun is guaranteed when you play this quick, short game with your friends and family.

Here is an extensive collection of “this or that questions” you can refer to. You will find questions suited for adults, for a funny outing, for work, and more.

Food and Drink

Want to learn how well you know your loved ones? It can be a delightful journey to explore the food and drink preferences of people around you. We have listed “this or that” questions for you to ponder over the culinary choices of people around you in a fun way.


There is nothing fun like having a group full of adults and spending a great time together. Inject some organized fun into your gatherings with our exhaustive, curated list of this or that questions.


Eager to explore the world? Want to find mates who share the same spirit of exploration and adventure? These travel questions will help you find the perfect bunch to embark with you to new landscapes and cultures.


Want to identify tech geeks around you? Ask these questions to learn more about the people you spend time with.
Whether you are with your friends or strangers, these questions will serve as icebreakers and help you bond with the people around you.


Want to learn how people love to dress up these days? Here are some interesting questions to ask people in your group to learn what they think of fashion and what their personal style mantra is all about.


Are you looking for a list of thought-provoking what-or-what questions to ask to spice up your conversations? This carefully curated list of funny “this or that” questions will throw boredom out of dull talks.

Social Media

These icebreaker questions create a laidback atmosphere where you can relax and interact. Here is a great list to utilize at any party, for holidays like Christmas or New Year’s, or just on a lazy weekend to get cozy!
“This or that” questions for work help individuals know each other. It could be a fun way for people to connect. You can easily explore the career choices that your friends at school are considering.


Prepare yourself to manage the many alternatives; you won’t want to miss this conversational rollercoaster!

These can be deep and lighthearted, even ridiculous, so that everyone in the family and circle of friends, from adults to kids, can take part in providing an answer.


The “This Or That” icebreaker activity is both a simple and versatile game. It encourages interaction in a fun, low-pressure environment, making it suitable for a variety of social situations. This game invites people to share their preferences and opinions, allowing for connections and discussions.

The framework is engaging and adaptable, with a variety of potential questions that may be adjusted to the group’s demographics or interests. The steady transition from lighthearted to more personal issues put individuals at ease while still revealing unique insights about each participant.

“This Or That” icebreaker is a wonderful beginning point for any event. It fosters understanding, solidarity, and community engagement by igniting discussions over seemingly simple issues.

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Yes! You can use these "This or That" questions for any occasion, whether you are spending a weekend at your friend's place or have planned a get-together with your high school batch. The questions will help you connect, bond, and learn more about each other.
In this simple word game "This or That", you have to pick between two options. These two choices could be absurd, humorous, or completely out of the ordinary. You are forced to pick one or the other, even if neither option appeals to you. That's the enjoyable part! It's comparable to the game "Would You Rather?" where players had to select between two fictitious possibilities. You can get to know anyone better by playing the This or That game, including your close friends and relatives.
The purpose of this game is to serve as an icebreaker. It encourages conversations and connections in a variety of social contexts. Its goal is to allow people to relax and connect in a fun, calm setting. However, while asking questions in a professional setting, you need to make sure that you do not cross the line.
The game is all about hearing various preferences and opinions during the icebreaker. It is more about appreciating the differences that exist between individuals. However, care should be exercised to lay a solid foundation for respectful collaboration and dialogue during group interactions. Try to choose inclusive and neutral prompts while asking any questions.

This or That Questions